Are Today’s Women Beautiful?

This weekend when you have some time to sit and think, we would like to ask you to think about the need for a cultural revolution amongst women. Though it may sound absurd, we are sure you will see the need and the merit for the same once we get you to think about it.

Women are the foundation of every home, family, society and the nation. Though women have been suffering due to the gender bias since times immemorial, nevertheless women with their abilities of emotional intelligence and perseverance as well as endurance rise above all the challenges of life and continue to hold together their families and fulfill their duties and shoulder responsibility. When we talk of women’s beauty, it is not the physical beauty of the woman that we refer to but to her inner strength and grit with which she stands tall to support and build many lives around her. She is like a tree that gives support and shade to anyone and everyone who comes under the tree and seeks shelter. The tree does not see if the person is good or evil and does not discriminate. Similarly the mother in the woman does not discriminate and treats everyone with equal love and care.

The question that we are trying to ask today is if and whether the woman of today is aware of her strengths and aware of her roles and responsibilities? Though women might not like it, the fact remains that the lifestyle that we see of women depicts a totally different picture. In the growing urban lifestyle that is centered around consumerism, the women seem to be living in a new dream believing that they are empowered. Economic freedom alone does not empower women just as physical exterior beauty alone does not make women beautiful. If you see the priorities of women today, they seem to be spending a lot of money and time on beautification and fashion. Nothing wrong with spending on self, but what is important is to know that the external beauty aspect is but temporary and does not really make the woman stand out as a beautiful being. Look at the advertisements featuring women showing their well toned bodies. Exposing one’s body and sexuality seems to be the fashion amongst women and making them believe that they are empowered and free.

Women today seem to be focusing on building their personalities. Every women in the urban society is known to be on a diet trying to gain that perfect slender and slim figure and maintain it. She seems to be engaged in socializing and catching up with friends as well as focusing on her priorities for the self. Nothing wrong in women being self focused. However they seem to be missing out on their roles and what makes them special. Women today believe in walking out of relationships if it doesn’t serve their purpose. The same attitude holds good for all other aspects of life. But we forget that the women of older generations extended themselves and embodied virtues like compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and accommodating attitude aimed at the wellbeing of self and more importantly of each and every member of the family around them. These virtues make them the beautiful women they are. Self interest alone does not make a woman beautiful.

Is it time then for women of today to introspect and see how beautiful they are and how beautiful they can be?