Is Your Life Simple and Healthy?

I have been asked to write about women’s health issues. There is enough and more said about the best of health care available for women today. With advanced health care, pregnancy, surgery etc have become safe and pain free for women. As more and more women are finding their economic independence, they are able to spend money on themselves too. The smart woman of today keeps herself fit by exercising or maintaining her body. In keeping up with the trends, the health care and beauty industry has mushroomed offering a variety of treatments to make women beautiful and to help them keep looking younger. On an average the women do spend a sizable percentage of their income over their personal and beauty care.

However, when we talk of women’s beauty we need to elaborate further and talk not only about the external beauty but the internal beauty as well. The external beauty and health is indicative of the internal health and beauty of the woman. What do we mean by this?. They say that the eyes reflect the soul of a person. Similarly the mental status and attitudes reflect in the external body of the individual. What is the point of the woman looking glamorous and feeling horrible from the inside?. The healthy looking skin and body as well as the beautiful face results not from the beauty products used but from the inner peace, calm, happiness and warmth that the person exudes. Therefore it is important for women to work from within in order to look beautiful on the outside. The bodily health too is dependent upon the health of the mind.

There are very simple rules that women can follow on daily basis to improve their health and beauty. First and foremost it is important to pay attention to the quantity of water that you are drinking. Water removes the toxins from the body and skin thus making you look good and healthy. Every woman should consume at least three to four litres of water on daily basis. Cutting down on fatty foods and increasing the consumption of fibre through raw salads and vegetables, plenty of fruits and dry fruits will nourish the body, eliminate waste and bring a healthy glow. Along with changing over to the healthy diet, it is important to cut down or eliminate coffee and aerated drinks as well as sugary sweets and high calorie food that is bad for the body.

Women need sufficient exercise on daily basis in order to keep the body flexible and active. Apart from one hour walk, jog or exercise, it helps to get into the practice of climbing the stairs without taking the lift wherever possible and walking up rather than driving down. Even at home, a habit of getting up and bending down to pick up stuff or to reach for the lights etc as many times as possible and engaging in physical chores will ensure all round flexibility of the body.

Pay attention to what you eat, what you drink, do physical work and take time to sleep, relax and spend happy times with family. Your family time and personal time should be sacrosanct. Keep all the worries and troubles outside and do not allow them to crown your mind.

At the end, it is also very important to spend at least half hour alone for yourself daily. One can do whatever one enjoys during this period. Be it a walk in the park, by the lake or working in the garden and watering flowers etc. or even simply sitting quiet and watching the world go by can be a great stress reliever. These are but simple rules in life if followed will improve one’s health.