Infertility Induced By Birth Control Pills?

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are the new age contraceptives that are the most common and are used by almost 90% of women. At least 12 million women use it daily to prevent pregnancy in the USA only. As it is seen many women now prefer oral contraceptive pills over other methods. Some other methods also include hormonal contraceptive ring which is a ring inserted into the cervix and it releases hormones like estrogens and progestin and prevents pregnancy for at least 3 months. It doesn’t need a reminder like pills for 3 months but after 3 months replace the ring with a new one. So, the next one is progestin implants that contains progestin and implanted in the body. The implants release progestin and prevent pregnancy. They usually last for 5-6 years. Therefore, they are mostly used in a long term prevention methods.

Many women use oral contraceptives pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy and some use as a spacing methods. When they already have children and want to wait some years before getting pregnant but some fear that taking oral contraceptive pills will render them infertile if they continue to use the pills for a long time and they con not have any more children.

For people who want to know more about other methods. It includes spermicidal creams or gels that are basically chemicals which prevent pregnancy. Other famous and long term method is IUCD that is intra-uterine contraceptive device which is inserted inside the uterus. Another famous method that is the most used is condoms. Also if you don’t want to use any of these you can always go for some natural ways like abstinence.

These all methods are basically doing the same thing that is preventing the sperm and ova to mate. The pills are highly recommended by doctors as they are easy to use. Hormonal contraceptives are having two hormones estrogens and progestin that work by preventing pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant you just have to stop taking the pills and for your body to extract all the chemicals present in your body. When all the chemicals are removed from your body you can get pregnant easily as suggested by the doctors.

Some women have difficulty getting pregnant after stopping contraceptive pills because the cervical fluid is damaged and that can lead to problems getting pregnant. Also it has been observed that many sexually transmitted diseases follow when you take contraceptives pills and that may render you infertile. Sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous and they can make you infertile if not taken care. You can use IUCD but when it’s inserted it sometimes carry bacteria and infection may occur which is another reason of infertility. Damage to uterus can happen during any of the methods or during delivery. Even many methods has some or the other side-effects. You can always go for natural methods like abstinence as it doesn’t have any side-effects except there is a high risk of getting pregnant.