Exercises during Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy enables one to maintain their health and fitness during this crucial period and to enable them feel their best. It holds great benefits and ensures comfort at a time when it can be difficult to find. It however may not be advisable for women who have asthma, heart disease or diabetes. Exercise will help one in maintaining a good posture, prevent, back aches and soothe fatigue.

One can also prevent the occurrence of gestational diabetes which occurs during pregnancy and to build up the stamina that will be needed during labor. It also helps one to keep in shape after labor and regaining their figure. It is usually easier form women who have previously been exercising to exercise when they are expectant but it does not mean that those who have not cannot be have their share of health and fitness.

The body is very sensitive and delicate at this time. Exercises should be simple and not strenuous at all. A good way to measure this is to hold a conversation when exercising. If one is not able to talk while exercising then it is too much for them. Even though one worked out before they got pregnant, they should not undertake strenuous exercise. Aerobics, for example should not be done more than fifteen minutes for 3 sessions a week in the beginning. This can then be increases with time to no more than four thirty minutes sessions per week.

During the actual exercises, one should always warm up before and cool down afterwards. This allows the body to adjust to the increase and decrease of activity. One should do it regularly such as on a daily basis to maintain health and fitness all through. This is to allow the muscles to get accustomed to activity hence one does not face any difficulty. One should also not do any strenuous exercises in hot weather. Water and any other fluids should be taken regularly during exercise. This allows one to cool down and dehydrated. In case one has an instructor, ensure they are qualifies and are in knowledge of one’s condition. Swimming is good exercise as the water would be able to hold the mother’s weight.

There are some exercises that are not good for the health and fitness of the mother as they may pose danger to them and the babies they are carrying. After 16 weeks, one should not lie on their backs. This is because the womb will put pressure on various blood vessels and thus one may end up fainting. Contact sports should be avoided at all costs. Also, activities that involve being at some altitude should be avoided as they pose a danger of falling.

Exercises during pregnancy are in preparation for child birth and there are various work outs for that purpose. For instance the pelvic floor exercises that strengthens it as it is heavily strained during labor. The exercises help in reducing incontinence after pregnancy. Stomach strengthening exercises prevent back aches that come with the arcing of the lower back as the womb protrudes outwards. Exercises during pregnancy promote the health and fitness of the mother and child and to reduce the discomfort of labor.