Clomid (clomiphene citrate) tablets

Women having problems in getting pregnant are prescribed Clomid as it has been found to be one of the most effective fertility drugs. It has been found that Clomid helps in ovulation.

Clomid works by acting on the receptors regulating hormone production. Clomid enhances the hormones like gonadotropin-releasing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and the luteinizing hormone, which help in the process of ovulation. Clomid helps in increasing the number of follicles each month. The reality is that the brain is tricked to release more of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which further stimulates luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone.

Though Clomid is known to be an effective fertility drug, if results are not seen even after three courses, then you have to stop taking the drug and consult your doctor. Well, you also have the possibility of getting twins while taking the drug.

Clomid is widely prescribed as it comes with only a few side effects. Well, you can experience headache dizziness, mood change and tenderness in the breasts. However, these side effects do not persist for long. If some experience changes in the cervical mucus, it is better to call on the doctor.

The drug is easily available as it is widely prescribed. Well, the best place to find and buy Clomid is the online drug store. Just fill in the form and sent us, we deliver the drug at your doorstep. When buying the drug from our online store, you get the drug for very cheap price, which you cannot get from any other place.

A Complete Guide To Use Clomid

When we talk about the health problems which have become the part of our lives, then we cannot forget sexual problems which are increasing with a great pace. One of the major reasons of increasing number of sexual diseases is unawareness of people regarding the major causes of sexual problems. There are different kinds of sexual diseases and usually people do not become its victim. Most of the sexual problems can be treated with the help of common medicines available in medical stores while some need proper treatment. This article will tell you about the use of a Clomid that is used for infertility treatment of women. This infertility in women is caused by the ovulatory dysfunction. Ovulatory dysfunction is the sexual problem in which the production of specific hormones becomes very low and thus becomes the cause of infertility in women. High blood pressure, diabetes and mental tension are some of the major reasons of this sexual problem.

Clomiphene Citrate Tablets BP

Clomiphene Citrate Tablets BP 50 mg Packet for Australian Pharmacies

The generic name of Clomid is Clomiphene and this name is used only by chemists and doctors. In some medical stores, this medicine is sold by its generic name rather than brand name. So if you are not finding this medicine from the market then you can use its generic name to find it. Clomid is usually found in 50 mg dose in market and most of the doctors recommend this dose only. But sometimes, the doctor may suggest any other dose of Clomid all depends upon the health and fitness level of the patient. The selection of dose is done after knowing the health condition of the patient. If the age of patient is above 50 years and her body cannot bear the action of heavy dose, then doctor will definitely advice her to use lower dose of Clomid.

When we talk about the side effects of Clomid, then one thing appear that it contains fewer side effects as compare to other medicines. Other medicines have more disadvantages as compare to Clomid that is why doctors refrain from recommending those medicines. Clomid has the ability to give best results to the patient in a few weeks. The production of ovules that is lowered by the sexual problem is regained by the patient after a certain period and then she becomes able to get pregnant. It has been noticed that many women think that the reason behind their not conceiving the child is immature sexual activity of their husbands. A woman cannot have child if either she or her husband is facing any sexual problem. Chances of getting sexual problem in both men and women are equal so if a woman is not conceiving for long time, then both male and female go for medical checkup. Through this medical checkup, the doctor will be able to identify the person who is having sexual problem. In most of the cases, sexual problems are treated by the use of medicines but sometimes surgical operations are also carried out for this purpose. This is all done to make the woman pregnant.

The Importance of Clomid

The importance of money has increased very much in this era. Everyone is running towards money and spending a lot of his precious time to get it. “Money can make life very easy and comfortable” It is the thing for which everyone is struggling and neglecting his health fitness. People who are rushing for money should know that money without healthy body is nothing. If you are unable to keep your body fit, then the money is of no use because it will be enjoyable for you if you are healthy. People say right that “Health is wealth”. People should give sometime to their health meanwhile working in their offices. For this purpose, they can have a proper medical checkup on regular basis so that they can keep themselves aware of their present health condition. Doctor will also be able to treat if they find any kind of health problem. Well, this is the general discussion for the people of today’s age. Here our topic of discussion is Clomid and its use for infertility treatment of both men and women.

Estrogen Hormones

In women, it is used to treat infertility caused by the problem in ovulation. The use of Clomid induces the release of estrogen hormones and these hormones increase the chances of ovulation occurrence. A woman cannot get pregnant if the release of hormones is not enough for ovulation. If the ovulation will not occur, the female will not be able for fertilization. What actually happens in ovulation is interesting this to learn. In this process, the follicles mature the eggs and release it so that fertilization can occur. In a normal woman, it occurs as mentioned above. On the other hand, if the woman is suffering with this sexual problem then she will not be able to get pregnant due to less release of estrogen hormones. When the affected woman takes Clomid orally according to doctor’s directions then she start feeling better. Actually after taking Clomid, its chemicals stick with that portion of brain that receives the messages from estrogen. These chemicals disconnect the link of brain with estrogen hormones. In such a way, the estrogen keeps releasing hormones as it does not get any message from brain about the level of hormones. The increase in numbers of estrogen hormones allows the process of ovulation to occur easily. Women are recommended to begin the treatment with 50 mg dose and increase this dose after asking to a professional and experienced doctor.

Now I shall discuss about the use of Clomid for men sexual problem. Sometimes due to some reasons, the sperm count of a healthy man decreases and due to this the chances of fertilization also reduces. If the affected man wants to increase sperm count, then he must consult to a good and experienced doctor. There are maximum chances that he will recommend you to use Clomid. The patient can treat this sexual problem effectively by using Clomid at regular basis. If you want to take more information about Clomid then you can ask it from your family doctor.

Finding Workable Solutions in Life

Your Life

As soon as man gets a job and starts his career with a regular income his immediate aim next is to find a suitable partner, get married and start family. This need for companionship and thereafter progeny is a nature's gift and way of maintaining the race. The need for progeny is biological as well as psychological too. So the man actively searches for a suitable girl within a short time and gets engaged and then they get married. The story goes like in the movies. But then there is a twist to the tale. It is quite natural that the newly married couple takes a while to settle down to being married and to their new life. Normally by the end of the year, the close family members expect the newly married couple to announce that the wife is pregnant. If for some reason this does not happen, questions begin to be raised. Quite often emotions on such issues tend to rise high and lead to relationship breakups. Accusations and blame games take toll on the relationship and many times people do part ways. But if only they bury their egos and seek medical advice like most people, they will find that in today’s world infertility be it on the man’s side or the woman's, is no problem at all.

Many times in case of couples, the woman fails to conceive due to many reasons. Reasons or problems could lie with the man or the woman. Most often the problem with the man could be the low sperm count as a result of some disease, major surgery or stress etc. This if detected can be treated effectively.

In case of women however the problems could be due to various reasons. Commonly women are found to have blocked fallopian tubes or suffer from irregular periods due to the presence of ovarian cysts or other medical reasons. Though lots of women tend to suffer from irregular periods right from puberty, they do not understand the severity until such time that they are married and wish to conceive but are unable to do so. Correcting the irregular menstrual flow and ovulations is very easy now days with the availability of effective treatment with prescription of Clomid.

In very simple terms if we have to explain the effect of Clomid, it helps the woman maintain ovulation regularly so that with systematic planning the couple are able conceive during the ovulation period.

Though said in very simple terms, Clomid is not something that you can buy over the counter and consume like vitamin pills. It needs to be administered by registered medical practitioner only. Clomid does give out some minor side effects like headache, blurred vision, hot flushes etc. It is also believed to increase chances of conception of twins.

Apart from this treatment, there are advanced fertility options available to the couple today. Advanced methods including In vitro fertilization and assisted conception make possible the chances of conceiving even in advanced age too.

It would indeed be very sad if a couple separate due to their problem of not being able to conceive. This should not destroy a relationship. All they need to do is to seek medical help and today 99% of couples are able to become proud parents with the medical help.

Womens Contraceptives:

Many women face sexual problems in the form of less ovules formation and less release of specific hormones needed for ovulation. If you are one of those women who are having same sexual dysfunction, then you should start using Clomid. Clomid or clomiphene is easily found in chemist’s shop at cheap rate. Any woman can easily purchase it. Since ovulatory dysfunction is not a problem that depends upon geography so any woman living anywhere can become the victim of this sexual dysfunction. Considering this point, Clomid is now being sold in every part of the world. Clomid demand is increasing because more women are becoming the victim of ovulatory dysfunction. To avoid this sexual problem, it is necessary for a woman to understand what the main causes of sexual dysfunction are. According to professional doctors, the main causes of ovulatory dysfunction are diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injury, depression and high blood pressure. High blood pressure and depression are some of those causes which are not only responsible for sexual dysfunction problems but also for many other health issues. If a man wants to stay healthy and fit, then he will have to control over these causes.

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